Your website is your silent sales rep. It works 24/7 without a lunch or a bathroom break. It doesn’t report back to you if there is a problem. Good or bad, it most definitely represents your company 365 days a year. You want to stand out.
Your website should be easy to use while focusing on meaningful content. Poorly designed pages or broken links will adversely affect the perception that potential customers have of your company or organization. We will design or re-design your website to avoid common pitfalls.

We can help your website stand out from the crowd by becoming more search engine friendly. We will design “meta-tag” key words that will give you better website search engine rankings and help you to reach your specific market. We do not use automatically generated code. All of our code is custom written for your website. This makes it cleaner for search engines to capture your website’s data correctly. We use Notepad and Photoshop for most of our web design so as not to add overly complicated, extraneous code that will bog down your website. We can also customize code for mobile users.

Educate your customers with pictures, videos or audio recordings of your products or services. Show them what makes you more desirable than your competitors. Optimized pictures allow a high end look with a faster loading time. Faster is always better. You only get one chance to make a first impression so make it a great one.